December 28 2011

Your bridesmaid budget

For some brides, it can be hard to discuss money with your bridesmaids, but often it’s most helpful to be upfront with your besties to prevent later confusion.

Here are some suggestions to help navigate the dollars and cents for your bridesmaids if you’re on a tight budget.

• Be clear and upfront about who is paying for what. Will you or your bridesmaids pay for the dress? And who will pay for the accessories, shoes and hair and makeup? Make sure all parties know what they are expected to pay for before you start shopping.

• Set a limit on how much your bridesmaids’ dresses will cost. As a general rule, bridesmaids pay for their dresses if it is off-the-rack and a reasonable price. But if you are going down the designer route, why not make it a gift to them?

• If you can’t afford a whole outfit for your maids, why not consider just buying one element? You might pay for their frocks and they can pay for their accessories or vice versa.

• Once you’ve set your budget shop appropriately. For example if you’re budget is under $300, stick to high street boutiques or try department stores such as Myer and David Jones. Avoid designer boutiques that specialise in once-off couture.

• If you don’t have any other option but to ask your bridesmaid to pay, explain your reasons to them. Give them a guide on style and colour, and try having your bridesmaids wear different dress styles so that they can express their individuality and feel good on the day.

Sophie X

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