December 26 2011

Going native

Image by Angelica Peady

Australia is home to many beautiful native flora and fauna and if you want to add a touch of patriotism into your wedding day, why not do it through a gorgeous native bouquet! Our land really does abound with nature’s gifts and we’re blessed with an abundance of gorgeously fragrant, vibrantly coloured flowers and foliage. If you’re having an outdoor country-themed wedding and are hoping to achieve an earthy, rustic feel for the day a native bouqet will ensure that you’re in keeping with the theme.

In the spirit of national and patriotic fervour you can’t go past the lovely golden wattle. Wattles come in many different species and colours and you can be sure to find one that will suit your chosen colour scheme. It’s probably not the best idea to have your entire bouquet made out of wattle, but you can just add a touch if you desire.

Daisies are a sweet addition to any bouquet if you’re after something earthy and whimsical. A cute posy of daisies can be very effective as a bouquet. Add a few gumnuts and you’ve really got an all-Australian wedding bouquet!

All flowers except top right by Blushing Blooms. Top right by Kavelle Flowers. Top left photography by Beautiful Moments. Bottom right photography by Angelica Peady. Bottom left photography by Filip Welna

Sophie X

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